Posts by alpha

2011 in review 1.2.12

2012 in review 12.31.12

2013 Day One 1.1.13

A Dad Story (reblogged from 6.18.12

Book Review: Feed, by M. T. Anderson 10.23.11

Breaking Up and the X (reblogged from A Breath from the Breathing) 9.13.12

Chicago 11.26.11

Children can be decent storytellers. 12.6.11

Dear Daphne 8.30.12

Dear Friend, some stress symptoms. 4.27.12

Easter means change. 5.25.11

For the Close of Wedding Season 2011. 9.3.11

For those gainfully employed: It all starts with a good haircut. 6.17.11

Grandpa humor 11.14.12

Halloween 2012 11.1.12

Humor from Aaron 9.14.12

I met Dobby Gibson! 10.1.12

I met Katherine Paterson! 12.13.11

Joining a church and the minutiae of changing a life. 9.17.11

Losing a TV remote will change your life. 9.24.11

The Love of Mrs. Lolita Rabinsky 11.28.11

Memorial Day 2011 5.30.11

Micro-writing 11.30.11

Miss Rosa, the anti-woo girl 11.3.11

Mood Changer 11.2.12

My 2013 resolutions are really tasks with common, psychological threads 1.2.13

My Daddy Speaks All 5 Love Languages 6.19.11

Ongoing Gratitude: Pandora Radio 10.17.11

People with Stories: Brent 10.13.12

People with Stories: Jerry 1.2.12

Rodent Roundup of 2012 6.14.12

Seventh Winter 11.9.11

Student Gifts 6.1.11

Student Song Requests 10.12.12

Students can be hilarious. 11.27.12

The Little Girl Crush and Balancing Perceptions 6.10.11

The Purse Story 1.13.11

Towel Day, 25 May 2011, Remembered  5.26.11

Wearing the right shoes, or Hey, wanna go to a tea party? 10.3.11

What I Thought on 24 September 2010 5.25.11

What is Eclecticism? 6.7.11


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