Ongoing Gratitude: Pandora Radio

This post will be the first of a series describing my ongoing gratitude for multiple aspects of my life.

Today, I am grateful for Pandora Radio. I am not supposed to listen to the streaming sounds of my own radio stations while at work (too much bandwidth…ha!), but I do almost every chance I get.

From calming classical to silly experiments in dubstep, I have a station for nearly each mood. Currently my stations are as follows:

But beware the odd crossovers. Being free does not always mean the stations remain pure to their title identities. Dubstep, for example, may be balanced with only dropped sounds and fusion experiments, but Earth, Wind, and Fire will show up in Harlem Renaissance eventually. Neutral Milk Hotel will sneak into the strangest stations.

And classical guitar will wriggle itself into anywhere. Whether as a solo event or supporting a lilting voice (thank you for the last four minutes, The Intimate Miss Christy), the tempos and artistry of this instrument stalk me in nearly each station. I’m actually grateful for this presence, too.


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