What I thought on 24 September 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010
New year’s resolution for back to school?
A cute cereal commercial shows tiny wheat squares with their tiny, cheerful faces celebrating a New Year of school. On pink backpacks and mini-jersey shoulders, these fibrous animations are dressed in December 31 attire and shout their resolutions to each other.

“I am going to keep her full, keep her focused for this year!”

Good marketing, in my opinion, as I have actually remembered it. Interesting how non-sequiturs and anachronistic connections make us feel clever for understanding a commercial’s intent. “Ah, I see what you did there…”

I will, still, not eat the cereal. Shredded fiber and sticks of vitamins? Who really is feeding children splinters of health? There simply must be a better way to live. I refuse to go through life with vague tummy cramps and a Malt-O-Meal vs. Kellogg debate. I certainly refuse to start my day with them. However, I connect with the resolution-making portion of the spot.

That’s not a bad idea, actually.

What if I started this school year with a new resolution? As a professional for (withheld) years of teaching experience and (more withheld) years of administration experience, I watch my life pass by in school years, not calendar and certainly not fiscal years.

My life experiences have been associated with …this school or …that school, and my being has been tied as strongly to the location of my job as any other connection at the time. Each end-of-August breathes renewed vigor into what I like to do with my days. Each end-of-summer refreshes and cleanses. Each day-before-the-first-day is a day at the lake (formerly at Tybee) for soothing the cruel nerves of runaway excitement. Why not consider this cusp my New Year?


One thought on “What I thought on 24 September 2010

  1. Us students (me, anyway) think of the first day of school as somewhat of a New Year’s Day too!

    This post made me lol; “Who really is feeding children splinters of health?”

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