My 2013 resolutions are really tasks with common, psychological threads.

I resolve much this year. You can do this, Colleen. And you’ve got a year to make it happen.

  1. Write a story everyday, especially derived from the fun and the humorous. Post on
  2. Upgrade my cell phone. The Android has been awesome-possum, but since getting it, you went all Mac in the house. So it’s time to switch.
  3. Decide what color/style to make my hair, then pull the proverbial trigger already. You’ve been everything but blonde since you were 19, but you’ve been sporting your current look for 2.5 years. Even adding the blue underneath was almost a full year ago. Time to change it up.
  4. Take vitamins (and minerals) everyday. This really should be easy, but you quite loathe this task. Not sure why.
  5. Identify why I hate taking my vitamins so much. Label and pursue personality qualifiers that have been effected by whatever deeply rooted issues are causing such vitamin opposition.
  6. Stick to a budget. You’re only one little girl… how much money do you really need to live?
  7. Stop shopping the clearance end-caps at the test market Target in Medina. Colleen, you have everything there already. See Resolution #6.
  8. Choose an investment strategy, and pull the proverbial trigger already. You have the money (more now, thanks to Resolution #6), so do your homework, and begin!
  9. Explore why I have so many resolutions with the common thread of finishing a task that was started in 2012 but never finalized for what seem like no good reasons.
  10. Hang all artwork on the walls of the house, including the Star Wars Trilogy frames in the garage.
  11. Hire a painter for the interior walls, preferably before Resolution #10, of course. Don’t waste time learning how to become a professional painter on your own house. Find a professional.
  12. Figure out how to find a professional house painter. Don’t let past experiences, so…many…devastating…past experiences, discourage you, Colleen.
  13. Workout everyday. Balance the plan with cardio, lifting, yoga, and Pilates. Note: this resolution is #13. That says something, right there.
  14. Do all grading at work. Stop taking it home. The prep period is your friend!
  15. Scale back the homebound and private tutoring. This resolution will be hard because so many students need you. However 6 years of having two jobs is long enough. Balance, balance, balance.
  16. Go to the eye doctor. Don’t worry how evil they are. You need glasses, or you will continue to be a traffic concern. Bring someone trustworthy with you.
  17. Confront the Lean Cuisine eaters in the teachers’ lounge. Your prep period cubby is 4 feet away. You can’t escape the putrid odors, and their olfactory assault is beyond insult. Their tyranny must end.
  18. Go gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and GMO-free. This resolution really needs no explanation, just emphasis. Stop poisoning yourself.
  19. Go soda-free. Good luck on this one, Colleen, and God Speed.
  20. Call my parents more often. You love them almost as much as they love you.
  21. Write thank-you notes, already. See also, Resolution #9.
  22. Start an indoor garden. You’ll be ready for outside in a few short weeks.
  23. Love people. And then show them how much you love them. Everyday.
  24. Read for pleasure. Keep a log of books you read, and then pass the books along to more readers. Reduce, reduce, reduce, after enjoying them, of course. Note: identity is Colleen Tolle, #8165155.
  25. Call, text, and visit my cousins more often. They are funny, loving people. Keep them around. See also, Resolution #23.
  26. Run away with Giorgio Tsoukalos. Wear an Indiana Jones hat, discover artifacts together, style his hair, have babies, live well.
  27. Don’t sit down when I get home. You know your comfy chair is a project killer. Avoid it until Sunday afternoons when you will actually have some time to yourself this year, thanks to Resolution #15.
  28. Learn French. And brush up on your Latin, Spanish, and Russian. These languages may come in handy regarding Resolution #26. Rosetta Stone programs donated to Colleen Tolle are encouraged.
  29. Cook everyday. This task may be hard on the schedule (Resolution #15) and on the budget (Resolution #6), but oh boy, is it fun (Resolution #1).
  30. Trust God. He will give you more tasks for 2014.

6 thoughts on “My 2013 resolutions are really tasks with common, psychological threads.

  1. Ambitious, impressive, and inspiring! Thanks for the detailed and thought provoking look at how one should make real-life resolutions….even # 26 can be in your future, you never know — so, start learning to cook some Greek dishes!!

  2. I read this and thought several things:, she’s ambitious
    2. She definitely has no kids at home.
    3. All she’s gonna eat is lettuce!!
    4. Oooohhhh investing sounds fun.
    5. OMG she will love an iPhone!!
    6. She’s just like me – striving for balance.
    7. I wanna write everyday too.

    You go girl! I love you. You’re perfect the way you are, but you’re like me and we are both striving for genius 🙂 We’ll get there!
    Long distance hugs, my friend, and Happy New Year!

    • You are so sweet, my dear friend. And no, I’ll be eating more than lettuce. In fact, I’ve gone as “eating clean” as I can without becoming obsessive. Time to get obsessive, however; gluten sneaks into everything, it seems.
      Miss you… Kiss the baby and hug the man for me!

    • Thank you! The irony that my first two posts of the year are not traditional stories, or even pedagogy of storytelling, is not lost on me. Stay tuned.

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