Grandpa humor

My grandfather, Joel B. Paris, III, makes me laugh. Tummy squeezing, cheekbone tightening, laughter every time. He and I have always had a special relationship, as I am certain all my cousins feel. Yet, I feel unique when he and I laugh together, as if we are the only ones who could possibly share this magical, granddaddy-daughter connection.

I saw my grandfather several times at his home when visiting Atlanta for my cousin Keith’s wedding to Cynthia (story TBP soon). Due to his current health, he was unable to attend the wedding in Athens, a little over an hour from his house. I decided to show him my cell pictures that I had taken throughout the day and evening. The ceremony and reception were so lovely, after all.

My cousin Keith had been dating Cynthia for quite a while, and we all celebrated their union with great fanfare, food, dancing, and tons of hugs. Grandpa needed to see some of the refinement, rather than the subsequent debauchery, so I showed him first my picture of their cutting the cake. “Grandpa, doesn’t Keith’s wife look so beautiful in her dress?”

Without failing to make me laugh, he responded with a wink, “She’s got that dress on backwards.”


2 thoughts on “Grandpa humor

  1. Yep! That’s my Dad, and I love it! His polite yet earthy humor has always been a trademark of his personality. Thanks for sharing this great story.

    • Oh Mumi, I feel like I have 100 of them, and I’m sure you have millions. I was wondering if he was having a good day that afternoon, but when he told me that, I thought, “Well, Grandpa, you’re doing just fine today!”

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