Halloween 2012

Last night, this witch met over 100 kids. They included:

  • a couple of pumpkin babies
  • several dinosaur toddlers
  • a few Batmen
  • 2 ninjas (I think; they were awfully quick)
  • a blue wig girl
  • an assortment of fifth-grade-or-so boys in skeleton, demon, and Scream masks
  • Pirates. So many pirates.
  • a banana
  • a purple, styrofoam egg with matching purple stockings
  • a bumblebee
  • the Tooth Fairy
  • Monster High dolls, namely Frankie Stein and Draculaura
  • various princesses in glitter and prettiness
  • three 19-year-olds carrying pillow cases and no shame
  • Disco Dan
  • Mario, even donning an eyeliner-drawn mustache

Side note about little, 4th-grade Mario:

I told him, “Good luck rescuing Princess Peach!”

He responded, “I’m trying, but I can’t find her!!”


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