Dear Chicago,

May this letter find you well. I am writing to express my humble and heartfelt appreciation for your generosity, as well as your breezy and aloof coolness that masks your deep and subtle love for humanity.

I met with you last week while residing within you for five days as I attended the NCTE Conference at the Chicago Hilton and Palmer House. Please be proud that the NCTE chose you as her host; we English teachers can be choosey. It was the second occasion I had been allowed time at the Palmer, this time feeling a full appreciation of the proverbial home away from home concept. From the careful food preparation to the welcoming demeanor of everyone I met, your citizens show themselves as beautiful people.

The reliable sandwich shop on the corner of Monroe and Wabash is juxtaposed, literally, to the quintessential downtown CVS, both floors open to the public. The two businesses have different purposes and color palettes and lighting design, though both have similar charm and speed and brick-and-mortar comfort. I felt safe, even confident in the knowledge that my needs will be met when I am with you, dear Chicago.

During my first visit to you, I worked and rode public transport only briefly and dipped into only one museum. This time, thanks to a good friend, one of your strong and beautiful citizens, I was able to venture through your streets and parkways. Only with you, Chicago, may I say that I was on LSD, though I’m not sure I remember the freeway’s actual name. Ah, Chicago, I bet you like puns, too. However, despite any name with which we may greet each other, I continue to carry the feeling of each smooth transition from gear to shift, road after road.

I have a little confession, though, my friend Chicago. My last night with you found me a tad weepy, and you were kind, as if you knew we had only mere hours together. I knew. And I was surprised at my reaction to the loss I would feel in leaving you. But I could not help it. We had only just found each other again.

So I thank you for your solid pavement that supported my ambulatory adventures, as well as your outstretched elbow guiding this wide-eyed lady along your windy streets and antique malls. Please know that you again have made a resonating impression on me.

Take care, Chicago.


3 thoughts on “Chicago

    I can totally sympathize. With family in Chi-Town’s innermost apartments and my periodic summertime flirtations with Northwestern, I just want you to know that we have a mutual friend.
    Anyway, fun read.

  2. Very cool! I will be sure to send the link to my peeps and family in Chicago. It is a special city, one that I still call home after all these years.

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